Preliminary Planning
Benefit Partners will conveniently work with you in planning and scheduling the enrollment. Our counselors will be available to conduct both management and employee informational meetings at times that are convenient scheduling information. To streamline your enrollment necessary factors are taken into consideration including employee schedules, time constraints and the nature of your business. We then we work with you to create a schedule to facilitate the most effective enrollment to be completed in the most time-efficient manner.

Management, Group, and Individual Meetings
Our counselors can meet with the management staff to brief them on the program so they will be aware of all aspects of the program and how the enrollment will be conducted and will give a short presentation to the employees as an overview of the program.
Our counselors will also conduct the individual enrollment (one-on-one) to review any current benefits package, changes being made, if any, or any additional benefits being offered. At this time, the employee is offered various products and enrolled in the program.

Enrollment Support Material
Benefit Partners will provide any and all necessary enrollment materials including Benefit Election Forms, which gives a concise explanation of any and all employee deductions. We will also provide Model Plan Documents, Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD's) and Summary Annual Reports (SAR's) if we provide you with IRC §Section 125 Services



We Customize Your Program Design


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